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Little known ways to increase happiness
Health and Fitness | Little Known Ways To Happiness 

Here’s to a new year full of opportunity. And goals. For me, they usually go like this: 1. Increase my happiness factor. 2.Cut back on some of my unhealthy habits (whatever they may be). Did you know that you could tick them off at the same time? 

There are several factors that contribute to your happiness barometer. Firstly: Accomplishment. Set yourself fitness goals and achieve them. You won’t just feel better because you’ve gone through with it but your butt will look so much hotter in summer. Secondly: Fresh air. Ever watched the sun rise while going for a run before work? Give yourself some ‘me-time’. There’s nothing better to lift your mood before you head to work. And last but not least: Endorphins. Whilst Cortisol is a hormone that your body produces when you’re angry or stressed, endorphins whose chemical structure is similar to morphine, are taking over your pain-signaling molecules and send them to other parts of your brain. By doing that, they reduce the amount of pain your body feels. 

A word of advice, mix up your exercise plan. People generally tend to like their routine but your body adapts, so challenge it with new exciting highs. And whilst the science is still controversial if it is endorphins that make you feel happy or a feeling of meeting physical challenges, we can say that whatever the cause - exercise does lift your spirits.

Discover where you can jump on that escalator to happiness in Sydney:

Yoga & Breakfast Workshop
Tattersalls Club, 181 Elizabeth Street Sydney 2000
Featured in: Daily Addict

Pool, Cardio, Pilates Reformers - all in one place
Elix'r Health Club
Pool, Cardio, Readmills, Pilates Reformers all in one place
97 Spring Street, Bondi Junction NSW 2022
Phone +61 2 9387 2788
Traditional pilates with contemporary understanding of biomechanical application
7/617 Elizabeth St
NSW 2012
Phone +61 2 9699 5509

Membership gives you access to Health Clubs and sporting facilities throughout the Gym Alliance network all for one monthly fee without locking you into a contract
Phone 1800 657 566

Hypnotic Latin music, easy dance moves – Exercise was never so much fun!
Regular Zumba classes are running throughout Sydney, check out their timetable for details.
Phone +61 421 077 355

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