30 Days of Urban Fashion and Beauty in Sydney with ACP Magazines

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Sydney Celebrates a World of Beauty and Style with 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty

ACP is one of Australia’s biggest magazine publishing houses. They are responsible for producing powerhouse magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan for Australia, as well as a host of Australian only magazines such as The Australian Women’s Weekly and Cleo. The editors of these magazines are considered some of the most stylish women in Australia and for one month each year these iconic women take their titles to the streets in ACP’s 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty.Sydney-Celebrates-fashion
Throughout September, the magazine head honcho’s, fashion & beauty writers and stylists partner with some of the biggest brands in Australia to host hundreds of events just for their readers. In my opinion, Sydney becomes just a little bit more stylish during this month and it is a delight to witness.

Events are held all over Australia but because ACP is based in Sydney, we do get most of the fun and games. Over the next few weeks some of the best events are still to happen. Styling sessions with Michael Hill Jewellers, Priceline beauty workshops and Estée Lauder Signature Services Pop-Up Stores. There are also lots of competitions and giveaways, and who doesn’t like to win some stylish goodies from one of our favourite magazines?

For all the information about ACP’s 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty visit the website.

—by Kimberly Nissen 

Photos: 30 Days of Fashion

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