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suspenders- and braces by Bretelles de Léon made in FranceLES BRETELLES DE LÉON
A fashion trend of the past or the must-have item for this year's Christmas list?

Fashion is often inspired by vintage styles and the trends of yesteryear- the passé can become the present in the blink of an eye or the modification of a hemline. However, every once in a while a certain element from an earlier age is resurrected out of the blue- to the surprise and potential delight of all.

That's what makes Les Bretelles de Léon so special- this line of fun, modernized suspenders unexpectedly brings back the days when these accessories were a wardrobe standard.

While one can easily forgo formalwear in our day and age, Les Bretelles de Léon encourages putting on your fancy pants- and holding them up with their line of French-made suspenders!

You'll be surprised at all the choices available online where you can purchase the brand's clip or button suspenders as well as matching cufflinks and bow ties. Founded by four friends in their native France, Les Bretelles de Léon combines quality ingredients with old world charm to create a unique addition to any outfit.

Looking to dress to impress? Check out the “Gentleman Séducteur” package, complete with silk suspenders and matching bow tie. Black tie event? Suit up in the “Gentleman Ambassadeur” set and show the world that you fear no dress code.

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Even James Bond gets a day off from time to time and Les Bretelles de Léon has got casual Fridays covered. Orange, pink, yellow, and blue bretelles are just a few options you have when it comes to adding a dash of color to your leisure wear.

—by Emily Dilling Poulain

Photos: Courtesy of Les Bretelles de Léon

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