Chic Parisian Style - French Beauty Secrets, Style Tips & Tricks

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french-parisian-chicCHIC PARISIAN STYLE
There are some French beauty secrets you must know. Just saying.

Chic Parisian style is something what fashionistas around the world often seek to emulate. It's no secret that the French are notoriously stylish when it comes to fashion, and nowhere more so than in Paris. Here are a few suggestions as to how to recreate this classic sense of style, without also travelling all the way to France's capital city. 

One of the most important things to remember when looking to achieve the chic Parisian style is not to jump on the bandwagon of fleeting urban fashion trends which may be popular elsewhere in the world. Despite the fact that peplum cuts and platform shoes might be two of the hottest looks right now, they are not useful in creating a chic French style. Instead, stick to classic cuts, and understated styles. The same should be said when it comes to hair and beauty - so if you're thinking of booking a salon appointment at somewhere like, then opt for a chic bob cut, rather than more modern and edgy styles. Keep make up relatively subtle, although bold red lips can be included, as they are often considered to be a key part of creative a classic French look. And most importantly, read our top 10 tips on French beauty or check out the latest in French skin care

Don't be afraid to wear darker colours, even in warmer weather. You should also pay close attention to the fabrics which are used - cashmere and silk are French favourites, and high clothing quality should be given preference, and can help make other items appear more expensive than they are. Parisian style is often considered to be relatively demure, and urbanistas in this area of the world are often fans of tailored garments, even when paired with more floaty and feminine apparel. Ensure that the garments you wear are always flattering and are comfortable, without compromising on style. 



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