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Secret Brooklyn hideaway for all things sparkly — Where to find some of the most coveted boutique jewellery designers in New York 

Catbird’s small storefront right in the center of Williamsburg can get very crowded. But the collection of small, boutique jewelry designers they carry guarantees that, no matter how packed the store gets, you won’t see that bracelet on fifty other girls the week after you bought it (a constant New York problem). And believe me, you will be buying something. It’s impossible to walk in without seeing a hundred things you have to at least try on for a second. Whether it’s the fun, distinctive jewelry, nail polish, candles, or quirky home decor, I always find something that I simply can’t live without. Since it’s located in the hipster capital of the East coast, the store does cater to its clientele, but it manages to do so while maintaining a level of simplicity and beauty that keeps their offerings appealing to everyone who wanders in. That combined with price points to suite any budget makes Catbird a store that’s always on my top ten list to checkout anytime I’m in Brooklyn. Even if I don’t happen to find any accessories that suit my taste that day, there is always a big selection of beauty products, fragrances, cards, and other random oddities (think a spider web trapped in glass!) that make great gifts for friends or an even better gift to yourself! catbird new york jewelry

219 Bedford Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States
(718) 599-3457

—by Emily Kirkpatrick

Photos: Flickr

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