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From 60s Givenchy dresses to Lanvin classics, this secret little thrift store brings the cool sense of style French girls are famed for to New York

I won’t lie to you; vintage shopping in NYC is daunting for even the most experienced bargain shoppers. While wandering around the streets of Manhattan it can seem like there’s a promising vintage shop on every corner. However, upon closer inspection, these shops tend to be either crazily priced and completely picked over, or full of junk and garments that have been disposed of by their previous owners for reasons all too apparent.

Whenever, I get depressed by the serious lack of retro finds in my neighborhood, I head on over to Rue St. Denis in Alphabet City. Tucked away between Tenth and Eleventh Street on Avenue B, Rue St. Denis is a little shop that features never worn and dead-stock vintage items for both men and women. The store is easy to skip over, sandwiched between the usual East Village bars, cheap restaurants and coffee shops, but this is definitely not one to miss. Rue St. Denis, named after one of the oldest streets in Paris, has been a staple for New Yorkers seeking unique, timeless designs on a budget for over twenty years. The clothing is sublimely Parisian, with pieces that range from the 40s through the 80s, and capture that effortlessly cool sense of style French girls are famed for. Rue St. Denis’ wide assortment of vintage clothes are culled from all over Europe twice a year by the store’s owner and buyer, Jean-Paul. These dead-stock finds are placed side-by-side with one of a kind, vintage, designer pieces all at incredibly reasonable price points, especially when compared to the other designer vintage stores in the neighborhood. In past visits, I’ve found 60s Givenchy dresses, Dior cocktail dresses and blazers and Pierre Cardin ties, all for a fraction of the price you’d expect to find at most upscale thrift stores. The owner manages to gather an assortment of classic looks from every big name European designer from Valentino to Lanvin all under one roof. Rue St. Denis combines an exceptionally curated collection of clothes, an intimate atmosphere and personal, one on one service to create an unforgettable shopping experience. One visit to this hidden East Village treasure, and your days digging through the Goodwill racks will be over!

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—by Emily Kirkpatrick


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