Kate Moss in George Michael White Light video

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Sneak Peek—Turn the music up! Kate Moss will be the star in George Michael's new music video 'White Light'  

He's doing it again! Back in the late '90s George Michael created what is still remembered as one of the hottest and most iconic music videos, 'Freedom', starring the likes of Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington. 

Now he's appearing back on the music stage with a new track lined up and the star is no other than Kate Moss. My favourite style icon and her sexy 'just out of bed look' will play his saviour in his latest single 'White Light'. 

Mysteriously Kate Moss tosses a coin up in the air. There is a dance floor. There's a Gun. There's a life saviour. Check it out!

The full video will be released on 12th August 2012. 

And if this 'silent' trailer wasn't quite enough to quench your thirst, here is one for good old times.

Source: Fashionista

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