DIY Holiday Decoration Sequin Christmas Ball Ornaments

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Christmas Guide - DIY Tips: In any case, decorate.

by Carly J. Cais, Author of Chic Steals


This week our DIY Christmas tip comes from the Author of Chic Steals - DIY to Stay in Style!, Carly J. Cais.
What started with a love for fashion and designing outfits slowly grew into her own website in 2008 filled with homemade outfit posts and easy to follow step-by-step DIY tutorials. Since then Chic Steals has flourished and become a resourceful website filled with dazzling styling tips and splendid get-the-look-for-less features. Because the first Sunday in Advent is only two days away, here's her piece of advice on decorating the part for the occasion.

DIY Easy Pinned Sequin Ball Ornaments
Whip up some sparkling, shimmering ornaments super-quick, and with only a couple of supplies!  This can even be a great project for kids to work on their fine motor skills.

diy-christmas-Ball-Ornaments by Chic Steals
-sequins in leaf shapes or snowflake shapes
-pearl-head pins in red or pearlized
-round styrofoam balls (you can paint them different colors before using if you don't like the white showing through)
-glitter ribbon
-glue gun

diy-christmas-Balls by chic steals

How to:
1. Cut a short length of ribbon, enough to go around the styro ball and create a hang loop.
2. Use the glue gun to attach around the ball at the center.  Loop the end of the ribbon over itself and glue together to hang.
3. Use the pins to attach sequins all over the ball.  For the holly ornament, use 2-3 leaf sequins strung on one pin, and for the snowflake ornament, use 1-2 sequins on one pin.
4. Keep adding pinned sequins until the ball is completely covered.


Hang on your tree, pile in a bowl, attach to a garland or a wreath - however you decide to display these pretty ornaments, they're sure to be the star of your holiday decorating!
Happy DIY'ing!


by Carly J. Cais , Author of Chic Steals

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