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Christmas Guide - Day 29: Hello fellow DIY fans, check out these awesome homemade gift ideas. And then.. Work it, ladies. 

So what if your wallet is a little bit emptier this year? It's about understanding the situation and, and, and finding creative ways to control it. We've been scanning through various DIY websites and blogs this season and have come across some awesome gift ideas. We also had some splendid DIY tips by some of the top DIY innovators. Today we devote to: Top DIY gift ideas!

Did you know you could make marvelous picture frames—with macaroni? We've been chatting to the author of The Greenhorn Knitter who kindly shared with us her tips on breathing life into tired, old decor.

Introducing the Gilded Farfalle Picture Frame. A super easy craft that costs less than $10 and looks super chic!

pasta-picture-frames DIY

thrift store picture frame-$1
bag of farfalle pasta-$1.50
metallic gold spray paint-$6.99
glue gun

Glue pasta to the frame in a slanted pattern. This allows you to wedge the pasta together and cover more space.  If unpleasant gaps turn up, use broken pieces of the pasta to camoflauge the holes.

Then spray with a heavy coat of gold paint! et voila!

And whilst we're still pulling the super glue off our hands, how much joy is there to be found in making chocolate. Ultimately chocolate is IT.
So hop over to Day 9 of our Christmas Guide and establish yourself as a chocolate king: How to make homemade chocolate cookies


And then: there are bags. To shop, shop and shop. Paired with grandiose graphic elements, they could make a fun and fabulous gift.
So give it a go and you'll see. How to make a graphic tote bag

And whilst we're heading straight for parteee season, one should never neglect glitter. Glitter on shirts, and pants—and DIY glitter gift cards.

But now, we're heading straight for the first Sunday in Advent. So we figured most of you would actually need some charming Christmas decoration. We've asked one of the top DIY websites P.S.- I made this... to share their tips on how to give your home a festive twist. Here's their take on DIY holiday garland for Christmas, have a peek!


And because we love you guys SO much, we've been picking the brains of the creator of the splendid DIY website, Chic Steals. Carly shares her tips and tricks on
how to create sparkling, shimmering Christmas decoration. Super-quick. Super-easy.


And now, Recommended Reading: Top 5 most original gifts

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