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Christmas Guide - Day 8: Spiritual Gifts for Women

There are friends that will love everything you buy for them, as long as you choose a gift that suits there style. And there are friends who are a little more tricky. You certainly don't want to wait until the last minute to look after this one—because it requires time. One of those special women is my spiritual friend. This is a particularly tough one because generally your friend knows much more about spirituality than you do. The best way to find a gift for a spiritualist is to tune in and let your heart do the thinking. Often people like this don't require much money but a lot of heart and thoughtfulness. We have compiled a little list of special gifts that are sure to warm their heart.

Wisdom, Holistic Healing and Guidance Books like the ones by Deepak Chopra talk about wholeness of body, spirit and mind, a name she surely has heard about before. A great gift would also be a comprehensive guide about The Secret Language of Birthdays with personality profiles and numerology that make a fascinating gift and send her on a journey of discovery.   

The Book of answers
- A truly magical gift and something so original, your friend might not even have heard of it. A unique little book that has the answer to just any of your questions. Is the man you have just met, the right one for you? Should you stay in your current job or leave to get your well-deserved career boost? Should you take a year off to travel the world or should you move mountains to progress a new business idea? This book has the answers. But careful—they might be the ones you don't want to hear at the time. I speak of experience. Prices starting at €15 spiritual-gifts-christmas

Tarot cards are the essential tool for a spiritual person. Chances are, your friend already has a precious set. So why not choose some Angel Tarot cards instead. Rich with symbolism and imagery like angels, archangels, unicorns, fairies, and mermaids these guide her the way through life's journey. Prices starting at €15

Gemstone trees
are a wonderful way of bringing good energy into her world. Tell her how much you love her with a divine Rose quartz gemstone tree that symbolizes 'unconditional love' and is believed to encourage forgiveness and to help you to let go of anger and jealousy. Prices starting at €20

When your friend is spiritual, chances are she is free-spirited and a little hippie too, so when looking at jewellery, move towards bohemian-style pieces—they are sure to tickle her fancy. Find a beautiful selection of boho jewellery at Soul Flower. Prices starting at €10

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