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Get ready, the battle between the shavers and waxers has begun

Despite it being as regular as clockwork from the US to Australia for decades, the hot wax only made it to Germany in 2005.

With the opening of franchise chain 'Wax in the City', Germany has caught up with the rest of the world. And we all know, what the Germans do, they appropriately master. So add a little teaspoon of thorough Brazilian waxing technique with German efficiency and you get—the perfect body wax. WAX-studio-zuerich
Now, a few years later, the waxing paradise just opened its 18th studio in Hannover. The secret behind the success of Wax in the City, that co-founders Christine Margreiter and Sibylle Stolberg offer, is simple. Create a chic, clean and comfortable atmosphere with no fuss. There's no need to plan in advance for appointments, Wax in the City offers convenient walk-in service six days a week. With scrupulously high standards, well-priced treatments and charming staff you become a regular before you know it. Be warned, there's an addictive quality to it. 
For starters, there are two types of bikini waxes: warm and cold wax, with the warm or hot wax generally being the most effective. Cold wax can usually be used at home, anywhere from arms to legs, and is applied on pulling strips. Warm wax is mostly used by professional waxing studios, gets better results and is less painful, especially in more sensitive areas, like your bikini area.

And if you're about to leap into your 'first-ever' waxing adventure, speak to one of their talented girls (in German: "Depiladoras"), like Oleidys in Leipzig, who will work her magic to get you comfy and perfectly polished.

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