The Secret To Healthier Feet: Yoga for your toes

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yoga-toes-stretchYOGA FOR YOUR TOES
This will be a fabulous discovery for your two little feet. Trust me. Not kidding.

Correct me if I'm wrong but after a day of wearing high heels, the minute we can take them off at home, is like a moment of relief. And while sure, there are days when we feel like slipping into our comfy ballerina flats (definitely not a man’s favourite, ask your boyfriend!) we will never (I mean, never) give up our glorious sky rocketing high heels that make us look so incredibly confident and sexy. So instead of fighting it, the least we can do for our two little feet is pain relief.

So voilà, the toe stretcher. It promises: Happy and healthy feet, increase of circulation and improvement of foot problems like hammertoes and bunions. 

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