Tatcha Skin care-The Latest Beauty Secret of the Geishas

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Discover Japanese skin care line Tatcha, the latest beauty secret from the land of the Geisha

An early morning in Berlin. The sun rays cut the dust and gild the graffiti, while I venture the first glance into the mirror… But all I see is toned, even skin with a healthy glow. Am I dreaming? No, I’m testing Tatcha, a brand new skin care—one with a unique story.

Beauty insiders know Tatcha for its authentic aburatorigami blotting papers, crafted from nothing but abaca leaf and gold flakes. Prior to developing today’s care range, founder Victoria Tsai spent years researching the ancient knowledge of the East, decrypting a centuries-old Japanese manuscript. Its pages revealed priceless beauty rituals and more than 150 effective care ingredients, discovered, honed, and recorded by the Geishas. Centuries ago, those enigmatic beauties knew how to maintain baby-soft, perfect skin—even underneath their iconic makeup.
tatcha-japan-beauty11. The Cleansing Oil - to melt away even waterproof makeup. 2. The Polishing Powder, enzyme-powered rice bran peeling (my favourite for its effect and the sweet gourmet scent of steamed rice) that comes in three varieties, 3. The Deep Brightening Serum to even out the skin tone, hydrating, non-irritant, 4. The Anti-Aging Moisturizer, lightweight, free of heavy oils, rich in hydrated silk, preps the skin for the makeup.

Taking inspiration from the records, Victoria Tsai picked three active ingredients—Green Tea complete DNA Extract, Okinawa Red Algae Extract and Japanese Rice Bran Extract—to create Tatcha’s powerful anti-aging Hadasei-3 Bioactive Complex. The new range is based on this effective, modern interpretation of the traditional knowledge. The Tatcha four-step ritual is kept elegant and simple in order to maintain the minimalistic Eastern approach. The easy-to-use skincare ritual products are a godsend to anyone with a tight time schedule; the cleansing & hydrating are quick and satisfying daily beauty treat(ment)s.

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—by Nath Fedorova

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