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"Well.. I don't do normal nails. Life's too short." Discover some of London's best beauty addresses
London is calling. Party Central, Fashion Capital and Shopping Mecca. We chat to Vanessa Graham about her favourite beauty and style hot spots in London.

"There are two places that I go to, one of them is Benefit (in Covent Garden)- they have Beauty services, that’s where I go to get my eyebrows waxed and spray tan. They use Fake Bake. And the other place I go to is Strip Wax Bar. It’s the best wax in London at the moment. It’s where Victoria Beckham goes. It’s quite amazing. They have four different themed rooms and they have four different types of wax. They have got a chocolate room, a berry room, an olive oil room and Lavender. The waxes are scented. So for example, the olive room- if you’ve got quite sensitive skin that’s the sort of wax that they recommend you should use.  So you basically sit on the bed while they give you your Brazilian and they always play really girly DVDs- so SATC would be playing. It’s just you and you’ve got your own private television screen- it’s quite cool! I also go there for my spray tan. It’s the best place to go for a wax though. But you pay for it, it costs 50 pounds. They are very good, they take a lot of time and care.  And the girls are really nice.tentimesme

And there is Wah Nails in Dalston for Nails. They’ve also just opened nail bars in Topshop.

The people that do my hair are Bleach London. They actually share the space in Dalston. So you can get your nails done crazy and your hair kind of crazy as well- at the same time. That’s the place that’s doing the dip-dye. There was a trend for a while to dye your hair like a very silvery grey. They started that trend.

I find getting blonde highlights difficult. You know, to do it the way that I’m used to having it done in Australia. It’s a struggle to not have to pay too much money to get something that I’m happy with. The type of blonde that they do here, the styles, sometimes it’s quite yellow rather than the proper weaving of two different stripes, which give you that natural beach blonde. So that’s why I’ve now gone to the block. They are actually just painting it in, the do a block colourr, block bleach. I haven’t actually gotten a cut in a while. What I’ve got trouble with, is just walking into a salon and walking out with something that I’m happy with. With my last hairdresser I had to go back about three or four times until we’ve got to a blonde style that I was happy with. So I persisted and went back to them.

In terms of favorite beauty counter in London, that would be LibertyI love their brands and I always find it’s a bit more intimate. Also Space.NK- they’ve got some really beautiful and interesting brands that you can’t get in other places. 

In terms of nail bars, just Wah Nails… I don’t do normal nails. Life’s too short", she says with the cutest giggle.

STYLE AND FASHION "Well, there’s Beyond Retro, where you can go to pick up some pretty nice little vintage pieces. Then there’s also off Brick Lane in Shoreditch- there are loads of second hand vintage shops around there. And of course Topshop, but that’s staple! And the shoe department in Liberty. And I love Anthropologie. It’s where I go if I was looking for more Bohemian style. I also really like All Saints. If I am into my kind of Black, Grey, White palette, that’s where I’d go. They have interesting work-dresses but just cut in unusual ways.  There’s also this beautiful jewellery shop called SCP. That’s where this is from"- she shows me this gorgeous little red Forget Me Not Ring.


"There are two things that I’ve picked up from Australia. Number one is my Lucas Papaw Ointment that I carry around for all matters of cracked lips, to mosquito bites to dry skin. And secondly Bio Oil which is a little product that I started using a little while ago. A couple of drops go a long way… It helps repair the skin, scaring, stretch marks. It’s actually really good for your hair as well. If you have really dry ends, you can give yourself and overnight conditioning treatment and then wash it out in the morning. It gives you the gloss back.

Another beauty product that I can’t do without for my hair is Moroccan Oil. It’s just amazing. You can use it as a hair treatment, a heat protector. It protects your hair from the heat of the blow-drying but at the same time adds this amazing softness and gloss to it. I’ve got the light version because I’ve got quite thin fine hair.

In terms of face beauty products, I can’t do without my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum. I use it every day. It’s just like a face-lift. And I’ve got other friends that swear by it as well. I’ve got one friend that’s had some wrinkles around the eyes and she started using it and said it’s the most amazing thing she’s ever used on her face. I’m not too loyal when it comes to my moisturizers. My favorite mascara at the moment is the Benefit one which is called they’re real!  It turns my little measly eyelashes into amazingly wide thick lustrous fake-looking ginormous lashes.

And another thing I can’t do without are my MAC makeup brushes, I’ve got about six or seven of them. It’s one of those things that you don’t really think you need as it’s quite an expensive investment. And the minute you get it you wonder how on earth you did your make-up without it. It just kind of gives you this really finished polish."

Photos: Vanessa Graham

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