Beauty Spotlight On: Sunspots

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 Smitten: Me, Myself And Freckles

Little Miss Sunshine, welcome back to Europe, we're happy to have you. Yes, last week, we've had the first superb wave of heart warming sunshine and temperatures above 20 degrees. There's one thing that goes hand in hand with sunshine for me: Freckles.

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At the first sign of sunshine, freckles everywhere. It comes as no surprise that most articles written about freckles and sunspots are about how to fade them, or how to cover them. I have been blessed with quite a sprinkling of them across my face and arms and no, I did not always love them. At a young age I wanted nothing more than to get rid of those annoying little spots across my face. So I made sure to cover my face with enough make-up to ensure none of them was left behind. 

But things have changed. I do appreciate them now. I think it gives women a beautiful sun-kissed look. And since hearing that some people want them so badly, they even tattoo them onto their skin, I'm sold. Reason enough to check out some of the cutest freckled celebrity faces around. Freckles are adorable, embrace them!