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Sally Hershberger - Los Angeles


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760 North La Cienega Blvd.
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Mecca Of The Film Industry And Fabulous Hair

If you are not used to LA celebrity hair salons, turning up to a bustling reception desk can be somewhat intimidating. Make sure to dress the part, nothing is worse than dull hair in a dull dress. 

Having read numerous rave reviews about Sally Hershberger's famed LA star colourist, I simply couldn't resist taking a look and a test drive when I was there end of last year. 
The salon, not far from the famous Sunset Strip, does not reveal much at first sight. I step into a puristic modern interior, white with dark precious wood contrasts. Negin Zand - le Maitre des coleurs, has as many as three assistants I am told. One to prep my hair, order food, bring drinks - a perfect setup. Once I sit in the comfortable leather chair (neatly placed next to Hollywood starlet Amanda Seyfried), everything goes really quick. After a five minute consultation, the star colourist begins to 'balayage' (so the french translation) and paints single strands of my hair with her well-trained hands. After 30 minutes the canvas is completed.

Then my with plastic foil wrapped head is placed under a heater for 15 minutes. Shortly after I am handed over to Leland Ferrell, an extremly friendly stylist, who finishes me off with the 'Final Cut'. I am relieved as he says that OF COURSE my hair doesn't need layers since it is very fine, "we just shape it" he says. My ends are softly trimmed, my face framed, and my extremly fine hair well styled and sensational volume declares a whole new level of fullness as achievable. All in all, two hours later my adventure had come to an end. Admittedly, I love my new look. 

Although I am still chewing on the bill that I was handed after: $715. And the icing on the cake - I am being unquestionably asked to tip all three of the stylists (including, of course, one of her assistants that looked after me) into separate little white paper bags which they had kindly prepared for me. After all, I am European and our tipping etiquette is very different. 

Conclusion: My blonde highlights look amazing. Without doubt, I can compete with Hollywoods blonde beauties. My cut is just fabulous. Finally a hairstylist that listens to your wishes and concerns (in my case: not too short, not too layered) and still refreshes my look. So whoever doesn't need to count their pennies is very well looked after at Sally Hershberger's Salon in Los Angeles. Still, I have decided next time I spent such an amount of money on myself - it will be on some new Louboutin Booties. 


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